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Custom-made safety covers are an essential component in a backyard’s multi barriers safety system.

These high-load carrying covers completely block access to the pool while still allowing an adult to walk on the surface. Installed professionally, a safety cover can prevent access to the pool and, in some areas, can earn the homeowner a discount on their liability insurance. Stretched over the pool, a safety cover is able to support weight far in excess of that associated with humans and animals. Far superior to the traditional black winter cover, they provide a clean and well-maintained look to the backyard over the winter season.

Reasons To Choose a PSP Safety Cover From Summertime Pools:

  1. 100% Canadian made
  2. High-quality product
  3. Commercial grade heavy-duty hardware
  4. Computerized state-of-the-art equipment for high-class fabrication jobs
  5. Experts in challenging designs
  6. Personalized customer service
  7. Technical support
  8. Quick turnaround
  9. Continuous research & development

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  • Black Safety Covers

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